Plant list

  • Cross cut saw

    The cross cut saw is used to cut raw timber to size to create many different parts for furniture.

  • Straight line saw

    This saw is used to rip timber to the desired plank widths.

  • Thickness planer

    This machine smooths and takes timber to the correct dimensions.

  • Linisher

    The linisher is used to sand the edges of timber tops.

  • Band saw

    The band saw is for cutting shapes for chair parts.

  • Dimension (dim) saw

    Cutting rails and smaller parts for the manufacturing process.

  • Rip saw

    This is a larger saw used for tapering legs to the desired shape.

  • Surface planer

    Used to square timber legs.

  • Spindle moulder

    Machine used to shape legs for chairs and putting moulding on timber.

  • Brookman

    The brookman is used to drill rails and chair parts for dowels.

  • Pillar drill

    This drills holes in furniture to insert screws for assembly.

  • Bobbin sander

    To hand sand and finish chair and table parts ready to assemble and polish.

  • Fladder brush sander

    To sand parts that are shaped.

  • Lathe

    Used to create different turnings on legs and pedestals.

  • Speed sander

    Another sanding machine to smooth down timber.

  • Leg drill

    To drill holes for dowels for rails.

  • Kreg

    Slot rails for screws for assembly.

  • Morbidelli

    Cnc (computer numerical control) router for manufacturing tops and shaped panels.

  • Single end tenoner

    Cnc tenon machine to put tenons on timber rails ready for assembly.

  • Taylor clamp

    To make solid tops and clamp components together.

  • Beam saw

    Cnc machine for cutting sheet material.

  • Mortice slotter

    This machine cuts the mortice grooves for the tenons ready for assembly.